The Wonders of File Sharing

The internet is full of documents and files that are being uploaded and downloaded at amazing rates.  No doubt, the internet is one of the best ways to send and receive files quickly and efficiently.

There are many benefits to using file sharing software and whether you are delivering a single document or if you handle large quantities of files for a living, file sharing software can drastically change the way you do your work.

What is file sharing software?

File sharing is the public or private sharing of data within a network, and it comes in many different shapes and forms.  Usually, there is one administrator in a software network who chooses what access levels different people have to the files made available to them.  File sharing has become a popular means of sharing information among students, employees, and businesses through the years due its ease of use and unparalleled convenience.

How file sharing can help your business?

Odds are, your business makes use of some sort of digital file or document to log data and information. If you have multiple people who need to make use of this data, then maybe it would be in your best interest to look into the benefits of file sharing.  It can be tedious and costly to have to constantly print something out or save something on a portable drive for others to have access.  File sharing also allows for updates to take place in one central place, ensuring that the latest version is always accessible when needed.

How can file sharing help you and your Virtual Assistant?

Most interactions with Virtual Assistants take place over the internet and often a physical meeting does not take place at any stage during the contract.  File sharing software keeps everyone on the same page, keeps the information current and can also provide a log of who has accessed data and what changes have been made.

Safety Tips

It is important to note that while file sharing enables a streamlined workflow, it is important to research the program you choose to use.  Be sure that you can modify access levels for different users and that there is a proper log system to show you, the administrator, what has happened to your files and when.  Another point to consider is only allowing access to the documents and folders that a user actually needs, taking time to set this up properly in the beginning can save a lot of hassle later on if something goes wrong.

In this age of electronic data, comes the threat of electronic malice.  It is important to ensure that all users have adequate security on their devices when accessing your files.  Another aspect is to look at whether your file sharing program is able to take you back to a point in time or undo bulk changes which may occur if a virus enters your system.

An electronic backup system is also recommended as some file sharing and cloud based programs leave the onus on you to arrange appropriate backups for your data.  These systems are usually set up to back files up at a certain time each day and will replace files which have been amended.  These systems also usually allow you to restore from a previous version should you need it.

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