Tips and Tricks on How To Keep Your Life On Track

No matter how organised we might become, there are always those times when we wish we could have done better.

Maybe we wish we could have spent less time on a task, or maybe it could be that we weren’t exactly satisfied with something we worked on because we were too busy thinking about the next thing on our long list of to-dos.

Whatever the reasons, there are those could-have-been moments when we think about the many tiny details we could have changed about the way we went about our responsibilities.

If you’re anything like me (read: organisational freak) then you have probably tried thinking up new ways to make your process better. Whether you’ve been in the business of organising for heaven knows how long, or if you’ve just started falling into the skill of organisation, read on to pick up some tried and tested tips and tricks on how to improve your process:

Put colour coding into action – Ah, yes. The old colour code. Use coloured baskets, folders, or containers to separate items in and around your workspace. For example, you can use red for documents that you plan to edit within the day, yellow for papers that need to be accomplished within the week, and green for things that can be put off until much later on. This could also work for when you write things down on your to do list. Red could mean personal, yellow for work, and green for family-related events or responsibilities. It’s really all up to you.

Keep a notebook in handy – While there are tons of software, apps, websites, and devices that can help us when it comes to reminders, many would argue that nothing beats the old reliable to-do list. We remember things best when we write them down, and that’s what makes notebooks so effective. Keep it with you wherever you go, or somewhere that you will be sure to see it, like on top of your desk or on your bedside table.

Do it NOW! – A lot of times, the organisational turmoil we experience is because of the fact that we put off what we can do now for later. Procrastination is the enemy of all organisational enthusiasts. Remind yourself the importance of getting tasks done and stick to a time frame. Give yourself a certain quota of things to do for the day, set schedules, or put reminders in places that you’re likely to see them. Use the things you want to do as incentives for the things you need to do.

Out with the old – A cluttered home or work space could make navigation a challenge, and you don’t want to have to stumble around boxes of junk or fumble across your desk looking for something when you try to get some work done. Get rid of stuff that you no longer need so you’re left with a clean space that’s more conducive to work.

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