Welcome To VA For You

Welcome to VA For You – an Australian-based Virtual Assistant (VA) who provides exceptional business support, giving you the organisation and freedom to focus on your core business.

What is a VA?

A VA is a home-based business owner who provides professional services via the internet using the latest technologies.  A VA can provide a range of services, but most commonly you will find VA’s providing business support services such as telemarketing, administration support, or website design.

How do you know if you’re getting the most professional person for your job?  I pride myself in my membership with 121 Temps and that I am a VA Program Partner, this means that I abide by a professional code of conduct.

What services can I offer you?

Find out more about what I can do for you here.

What do I charge?

Rates are project-specific however you can contact me for an obligation-free quote by completing the simple form here. I can also tailor packages to help you determine if using a VA is the most cost effective option for you.

How do you know if you’re getting value?

I have worked with a range of different clients and they have provided testimonials here. Read through these so that you can be assured you will be working with one of the best VA’s in the industry.